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Grantee Reports

Active grantees are required to provide progress and final reports on project activities and outcomes. The reports aim to demonstrate the grantees are:

These reports are a valuable learning tool for grantees and foundation staff.

Please report your project outcomes clearly, briefly and honestly. Include setbacks as well as successes. Knowing why something didn't work can be as helpful as knowing why something worked.

In describing your relationship with Knight Foundation, please be candid and provide constructive criticism whenever appropriate. Honest feedback can help both of us improve our organizations.

Please refer to your grant agreement for your reporting due dates and the grant information you need to complete the header of the report form. The electronic report templates are located below. Each grant report requires a narrative and financial report form to be completed.


Please submit all reports through Fluxx, our grants management system. The narrative report is answered directly in Fluxx. The financial reporting form can be downloaded in your Fluxx account or from the link below. It must be completed and uploaded within Fluxx.

Access your Fluxx account here.

Contact your relationship manager with any questions about the reporting process. 


Use this form to document your budget. When finished you'll log in to Fluxx and upload this file.