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    Slow Roll bicycling movement builds community in St. Paul

    July 1, 2016, 9:30 a.m., Posted by Stephanie Schultz

    Stephanie Schultz is a development and marketing specialist at Cycles for Change, an organization focused on build a diverse and empowered community of bicyclists.

    A fleet of bicycles rolls beside me through St. Paul, Minnesota’s Summit-University neighborhood as residents step outside to watch the spectacle. We are 15 years old and 50 years old. We come from the West Coast, East Coast and everywhere in between. We are laughing, chatting, rolling, singing, popping wheelies and gliding through the rain-puddled streets. Some of us know these St. Paul sights like the back of our brake pads. Some are seeing the Mississippi River for the first time. Spectators wonder what’s going on. A few dance with their kids to music blasting from the “sound bike” in the middle of our pack. Everyone comes together in this community.

    I saw this scene unfold from my bike while participating in the Slow Roll Twin Cities 2016 season kick-off ride. The ride was part of the Youth Bike Summit, hosted by my organization Cycles for Change; it took place in in St. Paul in May. With riders from across the country in town for the conference, plus a herd of local bicyclists, our roll had over 300 participants who toured the neighborhoods of St. Paul.

    Founded in Detroit in 2010, Slow Roll is a fun, safe and inclusive bike ride for people of all ages and skill levels. But beyond being a group bike ride, Slow Roll is a movement. The goal of Slow Roll Twin Cities is to highlight the amazing places where we live and to bring our communities together for a weekly group ride.

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    Urban biking workshop, music in the park and more: Join Knight in San Jose in July

    June 30, 2016, 10:32 a.m., Posted by Daniel Harris

    San Jose Museum of Art. Photo by Blok 70.

    At Knight Foundation we support a variety of events as part of our efforts to spark new ideas for cities, build community and support civic innovators working to advance talent, opportunity and engagement in San Jose and other Knight communities.

    As we look ahead to July, please join our community partners and me for these Knight-supported events.  

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    Join Knight for these upcoming events in Charlotte

    June 30, 2016, 10:27 a.m., Posted by Charles Thomas

    Photo by John Ashley.

    June was full of travel and learning for the Knight team, as Charlotte’s Knight Cities Challenge winners convened in Philadelphia and the Emerging City Champions spent time in Toronto. (Learn more about the city’s 880 Emerging City Champions, Amanda Zullo and Kia Moore, in a recent Charlotte Agenda article.)

    Stay connected through our newsletter to learn about opportunities to collaborate and to ignite positive change in Charlotte.

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