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Miro Community Launches Platform to Facilitate Engaging, Local Video Sites

July 1, 2010, 12:28 p.m., Posted by Knight Foundation

Knight gantee, The Participatory Culture Foundation, launched Miro Community 1.0 today. Miro Community provides a platform 'people can use to build community-centered video web sites. The newest version lets users'aggregate videos from designated video sources into one central video hub and easily'customize the look and feel of your hub.

Key features from the'site:

  • Run a beautiful video presentation website on your own domain, without having to maintain the software.
  • Works with your existing video hosting setup and workflow - no need to re-post videos.
  • Works with free video hosting services, if you don't already have videos online.
  • Lets you bring together videos from a wide-variety of hosts and sources, into one curated experience.
  • Automatically import and publish RSS feeds of videos from any source.
  • Create a discussion space for video about your community; strengthen your relationships with your community.
  • Runs on open-source software.

Media in Knight Communities, including WDET Detroit and Bay Area Video Coalition, use Miro Community as a platform for their video sharing sites. Knight Foundation awarded a grant to the Participatory Culture Foundation to develop the Miro platform in October 2008.

Miro says they are always looking for local partners like nonprofits, universities, and other groups that want to run a site in their community. Anyone interested should email Anne Jonas.