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Jul 21, 2010

Diane Rehm Interviews Investigative Reporting Nonprofits About Meeting Community Information Needs

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As in-depth investigative reporting from daily newspapers has fallen, not-for-profit news models providing that coverage are rising.

This week on The Diane Rehm Show, 'Not-for-profit Journalism' looked at how non-traditional news creators are becoming the new news providers. Rehm's guests were Bill Buzenberg, Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity; Stephen Engelberg, Managing Editor of ProPublica; Evan Smith, CEO and Editor in Chief of The Texas Tribune; and Ken Doctor, author of 'Newsonomics' who spent 21 years with Knight Ridder.

All three news organizations are supported by Knight Foundation. The Texas Tribune is rapidly gaining audience for its statewide model. The Center for Public Integrity is transforming digitally to better serve new audiences. And Pro Publica is the winner of a 2010 Pulitzer Prize.

Knight Foundation's $15 million Investigative Reporting Initiative demonstrates the foundation's commitment to developing new economic models for investigative reporting. See the grants from the initiative here.' In 2009, the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities highlighted the need to maximize 'the availability of relevant and credible information. Its second recommendation is to 'Increase support for public service media aimed at meeting community information needs.

The Knight Foundation's Journalism Program funds a range of projects and ideas to advance quality journalism and freedom of expression worldwide.

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