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Mar 02, 2011

Librarians discuss ways to meet community information needs

Posted by Andries Vaisman

Librarians from across the country are gathering in'Miami today to discuss the best ways libraries can meet community information needs.

The event is part of Knight Foundation's Library Initiative, which is led by Knight's Jorge Martinez and helps expand residents' digital access by boosting libraries' online capacity in 27 'communities.

As Knight Foundation President and CEO Alberto Ibarügen said in his welcome remarks:

Many Americans, easily a third of the country, still lack broadband access. Yet we are living in a world where the lack of digital access makes you a second class citizen socially, economically and even politically. But libraries, as you know, were sitting right there, right at the core of communities, right at the heart of knowledge dissemination and, perhaps most importantly, were trusted. Trusted by people to be neutral and interested only in the education of our communities. So, my colleague Jorge Martínez suggested we take up the challenge and have tried to form a digital alliance with library systems from around the country. This initiative is intended both to inform and engage citizens through the use of digital technology, and to provide libraries an opportunity for leadership in your communities.

Check back later this week for more on the conference.

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