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Apr 21, 2011

Center for Public Integrity launches new investigative reporting site

Posted by Andries Vaisman

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A new website by The Center for Public Integrity will introduce an updated approach to the quality accountability reporting and long-form investigative journalism the organization has produced for the last 20 years.

Available in beta at, the site will serve as the center's primary news platform, providing readers with 10-12 reports each day at no cost.  A premium version will also be available for a tax-deductible annual fee of $50.

Some of the site's first stories include an investigation into the relationship between credit rating companies and the big banks lobbying for their protection in Washington, and coverage of a court hearing on the environmental impact of chemicals released by oil refineries in Pennsylvania.

Knight Foundation has invested more than $2 million  since 2008 to help the Center for Public Integrity transform itself into a news organization that uses the latest production and distribution tools.  The awards are part of Knight’s Investigative Reporting Initiative, which has committed $15 million to help develop new economic models for investigative reporting on digital platforms.

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