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Aug 04, 2011

Lazaro Godoy workshop & potluck at Inkub8

Posted by laflor

Sometimes the best things in life come late, and they usually happen at Inkub8. And sometimes they include a potluck dinner afterward. Get your dancing shoes on and head over to Inkub8 today (yes, today) at 1 p.m. for an invigorating workshop with Lazaro Godoy, the extraordinary multidisciplinary Tel Aviv-based choreographer, dancer, painter and teacher.

I know. It's late notice, but I think this event is worth it, even if you have to skip work. The workshop will combine creative movement and improvisation with the influence of Orishas dance, an Afro-Cuban dance inspired by the spirits, to explore the exciting genre of physically integrated dance.

The focus of the workshop is to deepen one's capacity for body movement in relationship to the movements in the Orishas dance. The goal is to explore the human capacity of the body to achieve movements without feeling stress. The class should give a sense of wellbeing and self-acceptance.

As part of the workshop, Lazaro plans to share ideas and explorations from his newest creation.

Suggested $10 donation, Inkub8 2021 N.W. First Place, Miami, Fla. 33127; 305-482-1621. Meet the artist and mingle with the dance community. A potluck beginning-of-the-season celebration to be held right after the workshop. Join by bringing a favorite dish or drink.

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