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Nov 15, 2012

Inside Abhinaya Dance Company's production of Gandhi

Posted by Valerie Nahmad

By Mythili Kumar, Abhinaya Dance Company Abhinaya Dance Company recently received a grant from Knight Foundation for our fall and spring production. We are presenting "Gandhi' as our fall concert on November 17,18, 2012, here's some insight into events leading up to this recital.

Abhinaya presented an excerpt of the "Gandhi" production as part of the organization Carry the Vision's community nonviolence conference on September 29, 2012. As part of the performance, Artistic DIrector Mythili Kumar also performed a piece depicting the movement started by Cesar Chavez who was inspired by Gandhi's work. The organizers were very appreciative of the whole performance and expressed it in a subsequent letter to us. "..the performance was an incredible depiction of Gandhi's life and how Martin Luther King, Jr and Cesar Chavez were influenced by him.'  It was heartwarming to get this response to our excerpt and we are hoping that the brief performance would have kindled enough interest for the audience to make plans to attend the show this weekend.

The final week is here upon us, and last minute tasks are mounting.  Rehearsals with the orchestra have gone well so far, costumes from India specially ordered for the performance have arrived, and every dancer is excited to be part of this production. Our lighting designer, Derek Duarte made it possible for us to get two soldier coats and hats from the costume shop at University of Santa Clara, adding color to the scenes portraying Gandhi life during British rule.  We are hoping to get coverage in the Mercury News, and San Francisco' s Classical Voice newspaper tomorrow.  And planning a live streaming of the show.  Hoping that the community will come flocking to the theater to see this, inspite of the Hindu Diwali Festival of Lamps weekend celebration and parties.

Ghandi at the Mexican Heritage Center: Nov 17-18, $25-$40 - click here to buy tickets Non-violent resistance to British rule-company dancers

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