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Dec 21, 2012

"J.C. Hudsears: Andy Krieger’s Holiday Show Room" at Public Pool in Hamtramck

Posted by rsharp

This Saturday, December 22, from 1-6 p.m. will be the “Going out of business sale” for J.C. Hudsears, Andy Krieger’s current installation at the Public Pool art space in Hamtramck (3309 Caniff St., Hamtramck; 313.405.7665; The show’s closing will be, “A one time opportunity to pick up some amazing art, action figures, puzzles, bobble heads, 3-D paintings,” all the engaging handiwork of well known Detroit-based artist Andrew Krieger.

Artist Andy Krieger has a gift for mixing craftsmanship and outrageous humor in his multimedia creations.

In tune with the season, Krieger’s latest offering explores themes of art as a commodity, going so far as to transform Public Pool, inside and out, into a knock-off of Detroit’s famous Hudson’s department store. Since the opening on November 17th, the gallery’s Saturday time slot has hosted “Gorilla Santa” (for the kids!) and pitched Krieger’s assorted original paintings and objets d'art to all curious patrons.

What child wouldn't love a visit with Gorilla Santa? What child wouldn't love a visit with Gorilla Santa?

As Public Pool says, “What if we needed art as much as a kid needs to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him their greatest desires? What if we sold art like we sell Santa? Like we sold at the old Hudson department store. Would that be so bad?”

One of Kreiger's marvelous creations, all priced to move! One of Krieger's marvelous creations, all priced to move!

Maybe; maybe not. Only one way to find out, and Saturday’s your last chance. Don’t miss a sterling opportunity to grab a solid gold holiday gift for the art- or oddity-lover in your life.

[All photos courtesy of Public Pool.]

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