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Video from Sefer Memisoglu, Art Basel Miami Beach.

There are two days left to catch the astounding amount of art in town. But it’s silly, no impossible, to see it all. So here are a few highlights from the week:

  1. The room-sized installation at the Istanbul gallery, Asli Cavusaglu in the Art Positions corner at the main convention center on Miami Beach (P11). It combines sculpture, video and sound art – there’s sand on the floor with vases popping up from the mounds, while the video on the back wall shows a rocky, distant desert landscape, and the speaker emits a mixture of sounds, including one that is a thumping heart-beat.
  2. The delicate sculpture at Eleven Rivington gallery, in the Art Nova section of the main fair (N30). Hillary Berseth’s 2012 black-and-white graphite on paper little sculpture is a maze, and a wonder.
  3. The video-and-wood works at Rolf Art at the JUSTMANMIA fair (C4). Graciela Sacco is an amazing artist, and this series is one example of why. The video eyes blink and stare, out of slits in little sections of a wooden fence, or maybe a crate?
  4. The patrol car with illegal immigrant, also at JUSTMAD MIA, part of the ArtCenter/South Florida’s offerings at this Spanish-based fair. Local artist Steven Gagnon debuted this life-size sculpture several years ago, and it’s nice to see it back: from the back-seat of a real police car, a video of a Brazilian man tells a tale of his attempt to cross the border, and loses the gamble.
  5. Two lightboxes at Bitforms gallery at the Pulse art fair (B303). Just two of a series that highlights what all of our presidents have stressed and talked about. Through Internet searches, it turns out that the most used word that came out of George Bush’s mouth was “terror,” while our first president George Washington said “gentleman” a lot.
  6. The explorations of the history of women’s black hair, the Carol Jazzar Gallery, Scope art fair (A07). The drawings of Shoshanna Weinberger delve into the complicated journey of how black hair and body shapes have been viewed, maligned and manipulated throughout the years, fascinating and complicated.

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