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Feb 10, 2012

Some offerings you can't refuse

Posted by Anne Tschida

February's group of gallery shows are set to open, and there are a number of attractive offerings from local artists out there, for instance at Snitzer, Dorsch, Diana Lowenstein and Castillo galleries. Non-local intriguing options will be hanging at Diet and Kelley Roy

As an example: Painter and professor Kyle Trowbridge returns for his fourth solo show at Dorsch Gallery, once again toying with and questioning the role of technology in "The Politics of Time." His bright, abstract works, in fact, are even functioning Quick Response (QR) codes that you can scan and get a text written by the artist. According to the gallery, "Trowbridge presents technology, the way it has permeated all levels of social interaction, as an uncharted problem. In his paintings, the old and new uncomfortably co-exist."

In a third solo show at the Fredric Snitzer Gallery, urban illuminator, young up-and-comer and brash-brush-stroke painter Michael Vasquez unveils his new pieces in "Rites of Passage." This time he is working with collage, photography and sculpture, but still narrating the story of a boy navigating dangerous streets, fatherless worlds and gang initiations. This time, the gallery promises that "Vasquez will collage the elements into an aggressive relief photo sculpture, the extensive nature of which will confront and unnerve even the most high-end viewer."

From outside Miami, Gallery Diet will present the varied works of the famed Woodmans, from Betty, Charles, Francesca and George, which will include ceramics, photography, video and painting from this incredible family and could be the highlight of the gallery's season. Kelley Roy brings in Korean-native and Los Angeles-based Jae Hahn for what looks like an interesting show, "My Little Man," where the artist tries to meld influences and philosophies from her former Asian homeland with the sometimes contradictory ones from her current world.

Hard to pass up any of these.

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