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Apr 03, 2012

Akron program to increase retention and graduation of black males shows early sign of success

Posted by Jennifer Thomas

The Rising to the Occasion program in Akron is well under way and showing signs of early success.

Supported by Knight since 2010, the program seeks to increase the retention and graduation of African American males from the University of Akron.

Troy Roebuck and Travell Wright (pictured), two of the first year students in the African American Male Learning Community this year, have just been admitted into University of Akron’s Honors College.  

Additionally, Travell has also been named Outstanding Student of the Year in English by Summit College.

The University of Akron is exceptionally proud of these two young men as well as the entire Rising to the Occasion Program. 

The Rising to the Occasion Program is part of Knight Foundation's Black Male Engagement Initiative, which seeks to engage black men and boys in strengthening their commuinities.

By Jennifer Thomas, program director/Akron at Knight Foundation

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