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Aug 09, 2012

COMPILATION: Viking Funeral. The fourth of Miami Artists Series book by [NAME] Publications.

Posted by Valerie Nahmad

By Janet Batet, Miami Arts Journalist

We are finally freed of any epic destiny. Any heroic aim seems to be defeated. Post-modernism is just another fallacy. The real thing is that we are just sitting there on the middle of nowhere, killing time frenetically because we desperately need something to happen or maybe not.

In the meantime, we laugh at old creepy pics –is always better than facing the creepy guy on the glass– and we play some fringe music really loud while scissoring and doodling; piercing with cigarettes some eye as ultimate redemption.

Incongruence. Not irreverence.

Babbling. Dispersion. Non-sense. Numbness.

Viking Funeral, the elusive Miamian art collective integrated by Carlos Ascurra y Juan Gonzalez, installs its lighthearted productions in the midst of the quicksand territory that outlines our existence: a precarious land of instability, volatility, dispersion and hyper-communication.

COMPILATION, the fourth volume of Miami Artists Series book by [NAME] Publications, is an enigmatic 100 pages journey throughout the different projects Viking Funeral snarled in 2011.

More interested in the tangled web hidden behind communications than in the message itself, Viking Funeral built up cryptic palimpsests that captivate our curiosity.

These anarchic puzzles made up from disconnected images are the graphic encompassed beat of the predominant scattered logic in today’s society. Deeply rooted in the longstanding tradition of abjection in the contemporary art, COMPILATION is a self-portrait of our era.

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