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Jan 02, 2013

Poster artist Jason Frost aims to be a modern giant

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This poster for his upcoming exhibit "Posters x Prints" was screen printed by Jason Frost

Jason Frost works late. It's not surprising. He's an aspiring graphic designer and printmaker working a day job while doing freelance design on the side. Through his company, Modern Giant Design, he has created posters for local political races, concert venues and awareness campaigns. He often goes to sleep as late as 2 a.m.

Jason Frost rises early. He's a husband and father of two children who might catch a lucky nap with his kids during the daylight hours. He has an office and studio in his home, but as he explained, it's just too easy to grab a sandwich and start watching "Sons of Anarchy," when one works at home. To find more focus, he's now moving his supplies into a studio in the Contemporary Arts Exchange in downtown Macon.

"Work Late and Rise Early" is arguably Frost&squot;s most iconic work to date. "Work Late and Rise Early" is arguably Frost's most iconic work to date.

This intense work ethic is embodied in what might be the young artist's most iconic work to date, a screen print called "Work Late & Rise Early." It's one of many posters that will be on display at Frost's first exhibition, opening Friday, January 4 at Roasted Cafe and Lounge. "Posters x Print" will feature 12-15 posters and prints by the self-taught artist. He wants to begin showing his work locally before taking his shot at larger shows.

"I was doing posters for a while but they were all digital prints," said Frost. "And when I started screen printing them, a lot of the people I look up to I guess in a way, they do a lot of shows… like Flatstock in Austin."

Flatstock is a poster exhibit co-presented by the American Poster Institute (API) and SXSW. The venue is large and Frost is a bit introverted. He wants to put some exhibits under his belt before attempting to show at such a large event.

"I want to get my feet wet," he explained. "Kind of like earn my way."

This desire to take the small steps first is a testament to the work ethic reflected in his poster. Frost wants to put in the time and do things the right way. A fact which is also reflected in how he made his start in poster design. As a kid, he was into the street art scene, an aesthetic reflected in his current work. As he got older, he wanted to make screen-printed t-shirts, so he taught himself Photoshop and Illustrator, using online resources like When the chance came to buy a press, he jumped at the opportunity and began making shirts for the pizza restaurant where he works. Soon, the restaurant's creative director began to encourage him to make posters.

"I bought the press and started doing T-shirts and it went from there," continued Frost. "Once I printed that first Work Late Rise early poster it was like… this is it. This is what I want to do."

He's making his mark locally. Macon Magazine just published a two-page story about his work and upcoming show. Buzz is building. With a new studio, an upcoming exhibit, and a thriving freelance career, Frost said he feels like the pieces are falling into place. Maybe when they do, he can finally get a full night's sleep.

Learn more about Jason Frost and Modern Giant Design on his website,, or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.


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