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Feb 25, 2013

Roofless Records 2013: Occult Circuits, Holly Hunt on the road, the latest innovations in Sonic Farce and more

Posted by Valerie Nahmad

By Roofless Records

2013 is shaping up to be even busier than 2012.

Nequam Sonitus (St. Petersburg) performs at I.N.C. 2013 in an amplified metal suit.

International Noise Conference 2013 (10 Year Anniversary)

We're only just now recovering from the 4 day marathon of madness that was the 10 year anniversary of recent Knight Arts Challenge winner Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra's International Noise Conference. Every year the festival provides a bonafide deep-immersion crash course in contemporary experimental music: avant garde composition, gross costumes, insane props, mutant rock, mutant pop, mutant techno, and literal, actual noise. It was all there. As far as Roofless is concerned, I.N.C. is the true formal beginning of the year.


In addition to spending nearly 40 hours inside of Churchill's Pub in less than a week, we also celebrated a decade of I.N.C.s with our own Thursday night showcase. In true Noise Conference fashion, there were way too many bands, listeners were treated to a hyper-eclectic (this word is practically synonymous with Roofless) smattering of music, noise, and unidentifiable idioms somewhere in between those poels, or on another spectrum entirely. Pianist Oscar Bustillo conducted a number of postmodern exercises during his fifteen minute set, which ranged from mashups of ragtime and avant-classical performed live, to goading everyone in the audience to call somebody else in the audience, resulting in an improvised cell phone symphony. Lento Niños (see above video) from Portland, Oregon performed a set of minimalist electronic post-punk augmented with maximalist hardcore frontman stage presence. Dion Kerr and Rainier Davies nailed a wooden box to the stage. Clearly, the event was a huge success.

Dim Past performs at General Practice Dim Past performs at General Practice

Occult Circuits

Roofless is tickled a dark shade of pink to announce we will be releasing the first Black Acid communique from Miami's slowly unfurling Negative Rave scene. Black Dolphin is the debut statement from DIM PAST, a one-man techno project that weaves seemingly incongruous threads of electronica - post-bass music underwater dungeon jams (see also: crustep), and the technological fetish-theism (no computers) of the analogue-gear obsessed Technoise and Komische-revival waves. This will be our second collaboration with our fellow sonic obsessives, Other Electricities.

Experience Dim Past's occult circuitry for yourself this Wednesday at the Vagabond as apart of monthly Get Low.

Experience Dim Past's occult circuitry for yourself this Wednesday at the Vagabond as apart of monthly Get Low.

picture 4 Speaking of live music and split releases with Other Electricities: The mighty aural Leviathan that appeals to metal heads and art students alike, HOLLY HUNT, is gearing up to embark on a March tour in support of their RR/OE-released, Year One LP. If you haven't let the transcendental surges of Jovian, volcanic guitar and steady, driving rhythm wrap your body in its buzzing embrace...well, what are you waiting for? See Holly Hunt live:

03/7 - Orlando, Peacock Room w/ Hussy, Demons 03/8 - Gainesville, The Atlantic w/ Army of Ponch, Gaul, Ironing 03/9 - Athens, Caledonia Lounge w/ Rapturous Grief, Pale Prophet 3/10 - Nashville, The Owl Farm w/ Choking on Ash, Yautja, Octave 3/11/ - Chicago, Permanent Records 3/12 - Grand Rapids, Death House w/ No Bails, Knife Ritual 3/13 - Kent, Stone Tavern w/ Black Mayonnaise, Sludgethrone, Own Weather 3/14 - Rochester, Monty’s Krown w/ Tuurd, Licker, Green Dreams, Night Terror 3/15- Boston or off (TBA) 3/16 - NYC, The Acheron w/ Ice Cream, Nick Klein 3/17 - Philadelphia, Golden Tea House w/ Callous, Ladder Devils 3/18- Baltimore, Club K w/ Eddie Brock, Invitational, D.O.C, Radical Discharge 3/19 - Chapel Hill, Nightlight w/ Trickery, Secret Boyfriend, Yohimbe 3/20 - Jacksonville, Phoenix Taproom w/ Porter, Nisroch, Yama 3/21 - Sarasota, New College w/ Medispa, Alma 3/22 - Miami, Churchill’s w/ Dim Past, Swamp Witch, Nunhex, Death Talisman VII

Picture 5 This Thursday, Roofless will be debuting the second edition of our ongoing Radio Test noise-theater series at Miami New Times' annual Artopia event. Reference points for the performance include comic books, dramaturgy after Brecht, and N O I S E (with a capital N O I S E). If you're not confused, we're not doing it right. Check out the Facebook Event page for more info.

Civilization performs at Cinema Sounds #5 in Jacksonville, FL 2010 Civilization performs at Cinema Sounds #5 in Jacksonville, FL 2010

Cinema Sounds is back! Join us March 30th as we host the first edition of our signature synesthetic stupendous since we celebrated #10 last year. The CS concept is simple and awesome: Bands pick a scene from a movie and provide an original score, live in the theater. As always, we've got an eclectic lineup of musicians and we're more than excited to bring the spectacle back to O Cinema in Wynwood.

Picture 7

Keep your eyes peeled for our Record Store Day stage lineup! It's gonna be a doozy.

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