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Mar 22, 2013

Roofless Records March 2013 update

Posted by Valerie Nahmad

By Roofless Records

Now that Roofless has reached the halfway point of raising money to match our grant, our wheels are greased like never before and there is seemingly no end to the momentum. Everything described below is either the direct product of The Knight Foundation's support, or was greatly enhanced and better realized as a result. We can't thank Knight Foundation enough for enabling us to execute so many big ideas at such a steady pace.

Here's what we have coming up,

Tonight, at Churchill's Pub, we're celebrating the homecoming of Roofless' pride & joy, HOLLY HUNT, the instru-metal two-piece sonic gargantuan comprised of drummer Beatriz Monteavaro and guitarist Gavin Perry. The duo will be returning from a month long tour of the East Coast and select Midwestern cities promoting their debut full-length out on Roofless and the highly-eclectic, globally-minded Other Electricities label, run by Sweat Records' General Manager, Emile Milgrim. Speaking of the globe and O.E., check out their latest release, Eternal Peasant, a F R E E compilation of cross cultural remixes from producers based in South Africa and South Florida.


Holly Hunt's "Year One" 2xLP (RR#13) - the band's first full-length statement and debut on vinyl - is still available through the OE webstore or at Sweat Records and their online Sweat Shop. Get a copy of the first press while you still can!


And speaking of split releases with Other Electricities, we just received the test presses for RR#14, DIM PAST's Black Dolphin EP on 12'' vinyl. This 30-minute suite will acquaint listeners with the marsh-breathing Negative Rave contingent, and is essentially a field recording of a Black Acid tabernacle built with occult circuitry, disguised as bass-heavy, monochromatic techno.


Producing records is like churning butter. And hosting live music events is like trench warfare. However, we're absolutely slap-happy to dive nostrils first into a cumulus cloud of mustard gas if it means we get to watch bands crank it to 10 inside of a movie theater. Which is exactly what is going down at CINEMA SOUNDS #11 on March 30th at the Wynwood branch of O-Cinema. 6 musical artists will present original scores to excerpts from movies, television shows, and found footage of their choosing. Cinema Sounds is Roofless' most popular signature event and it is our theory that its because familiar tools - the big screen and amplifiers - are being used in novel ways. Here are some of our favorite Cinema Sounds sets from over the years:


The ROAD to SWEATSTOCK 2013 Record Store Day is right around the corner which means its time for the fourth annual Sweatstock block party blowout. As is the RSD tradition, Roofless has put together a lineup for the patio stage at Churchill's. And it features solo noise-and-sound performance artists from France, a band called "Tuurd," the incomprehensibly freeform MC Trachiotomy and so much more. Read all about it on the official Guide to Sweatstock.

IMAGE6 7 days before Sweatstock, Roofless + fellow Knight Arts Challenge winner, Rat Bastard, are teaming up on a showcase featuring a pair of experimental acts from Cleveland, Ohio. FIRE DEATH boldly mashes free-jazz with noisy electronic splatter, while ILZA pursues psychedelically-inclined. minimal industrial.

We're stopping here because we don't want to overload you, but, for real, there's so much more to come!

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