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Mar 08, 2013

The Atlantic Cities examines Miami’s class divide

Posted by Valerie Nahmad

Take a new look at Miami this month as the The Atlantic Cities releases its examination of class divide. The Miami study is part of an Atlantic Cities series exploring the class divides across America's largest cities and metros. Click here to read the complete piece and read below for an excerpt…

Unlike most cities, which tend to grow outward from the center, Miami spreads out along the water. Its most desirable (and hence expensive) areas are located closest to its coasts and its least expensive further inland; a pattern which continues in the greater metro as well.

The geographic divide in the city of Miami is pronounced. The more affluent, high-income creative class is tightly concentrated along Biscayne Bay, from Coconut Grove in the south up through Brickell with its gleaming new condo towers, downtown and across its wealthy waterfront and island enclaves with their magnificent historic structures, modernist homes and upscale condos buildings.

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