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Apr 30, 2013

Hair Wars Detroit fighting the good fight

Posted by rsharp

Hair Wars Detroit.

Without question, hair is a major issue. Mainstream hair culture still suffers along under the terribly retrograde, double-bind of a beauty standard that dictates a woman must spend a lot of time on her hair to make it look as good as possible, while also pretending to have achieved this look effortlessly. This is just one reason that Hump the Grinder’s Hair Wars, which took place at the Cobo Center on Sunday, April 28th, was a tremendously refreshing and fun event: everyone involved took a lot of time to look as good as possible, and they aren’t afraid to let you know it.

The event went far beyond hair, though; it was more like a runway celebration of salon culture, fashion, dance and community. While all participants were indisputably serious about hair, everyone was equally serious about having a good time, and the ambiance was incredibly upbeat, ushered enthusiastically along by emcee Giori-O of Beverly Hills. Salons from Indiana, Ohio and, of course, Detroit were featured, sending models down the runway in every imaginable interpretation of the “Back to the Future” theme. Words can’t really do it justice, so I’ve included a lot of pictures, as well as commentary by Mackenzie Q, one of Metro Detroit’s premier stylists, who graciously provided some professional appraisal and style predictions for 2013 in the captions. Enjoy!

IMG_9901 From Cleveland, Ohio - Pudding 216 & C. Nekole sent bondage and starter jackets down the runway. Q: "Whips are definitely in."

IMG_0049 New definition for looking fierce. The tiger from the Mz. Dovie circus-themed show.

IMG_9927 Q: "Starter jackets and starter gear in general is hot right now." The Goldfinger fashion show featuring styles for stylists.

IMG_0053 I'm going out on my own here to say 'fro is beautiful.

d Q deemed the pin-up collection from J-Chelle Design Team to be the most cohesive of the show.

d Hair

d Ruby Jean Davis with emcee Giorgi-O. Go 'head, girl.

d Q: "Motown/Hip-Hop mash-ups are the old skool/newskool hit. Very in."

d Circus theme from Mz. Dovie.

d More hair clothing from Kelissa.

d Pudding 216 & C. Nekole from Cleveland, Ohio came a long way to represent big. Q: "Remember, hair is like any other accessory--you wear it, don't let it wear you!"

d The "Hairy-Copter" show stopper. Q: "If it was really back to the future, wouldn't it be a Hairver-craft?"

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