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    Engaged Communities

    Saying yes to civic innovation in San Jose, Calif.

    May 27, 2015, 9 a.m., Posted by Daniel Harris

    While San Jose promotes itself as the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” the city is and can be so much more.

    Since arriving in November to assume the role of program director, I have been listening and learning – meeting thousands of residents, walking scores of neighborhoods and gaining proficiency in San Josean.

    While some conversations focus on the challenges – a widening income gap, lack of affordable housing and merciless traffic, most celebrate our shared opportunities. Multigenerational families from Japantown to Little Saigon boast San Jose as the “Capital of Diversity.” New immigrants in Mayfair celebrate San Jose as the “Capital of Opportunity.” Established art galleries in SoFa assert San Jose as the “Capital of Arts and Culture.” Urbanists see San Jose as the “Capital of Transportation.” And the list goes on …  

    In support of these vibrant and varied opportunities, Knight Foundation is expanding our work in San Jose with 13 new investments totaling $620,000. This funding seeks to collect, curate and grow these varied “capitals” within the core of the city, making Central San Jose a well-connected, transit-friendly hub for culture, diversity and innovation in the South Bay. 

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    Solving the innovation problem in news organizations

    May 27, 2015, 6:15 a.m., Posted by Jeff Sonderman

    Jeff Sonderman is deputy director of the American Press Institute, a nonprofit educational organization that produces research, tools, insights and events to advance innovation and sustainability in journalism. Today the institute is releasing a report on changing newsroom culture to promote innovation, which is funded in part by Knight Foundation.

    Would you describe your news organization as “innovative”?

    Does it create products that reach new audiences and solve problems? Does it experiment with new tools and techniques for creative storytelling? Does it have processes and a culture built for ongoing transformation?

    Some of you reading this will say yes. Far too many, however, will answer no.

    At the American Press Institute we were deeply intrigued by this entrenched problem: Why — despite having the right intentions, knowledge, and sometimes even resources to make innovation happen — do many news organizations fail to execute on change.

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  • Engaged Communities

    Accelerated Growth Partners as an engagement engine

    May 26, 2015, 1:13 p.m., Posted by Nico Berardi

    AGP workshop. By Nico Berardi.

    Nico Berardi is managing director of Accelerated Growth Partners, an angel investor network that Knight Foundation supports to attract and retain talented people and create economic opportunity in South Florida by developing the local venture capital community. 

    Accelerated Growth Partners (AGP) reopened its doors almost exactly a year ago today. Its mission was naive yet ambitious: to bridge the funding gap for Miami entrepreneurs.

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