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How Poderopedia has promoted transparency in its first year and a half

Aug. 18, 2014, 6 a.m., Posted by Miguel Paz

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In its first year and a half of existence, the data journalism platform Poderopedia has promoted transparency and detection of conflicts of interest; generated news stories that made an impact on society; and built alliances with other Latin American organizations.

I founded Poderopedia, which tracks who is who in politics and business, in December 2012 in Chile, with a committed team of journalists and programmers and with financial support from theJohn S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

At the beginning of 2013, ICFJ named Mariana Santos, Mariano Blejman, Gustavo Faleiros and me as Knight International Journalism Fellows. ICFJ wanted to bring together a group of professionals committed to promoting the use of technology, learning and collaboration among media, civic organizations, journalists and programmers in Latin America. The results: Chicas Poderosas, Ecolab, Latin Hackers Hacks, Open Data Latin America, MediaParty and Poderopedia, among other initiatives. Poderopedia has been finalist for the Data Journalism Award 2013 (competing with the likes of The New York Times and The Guardian) and nominated for Best Innovation at the Bobs Awards from Deutsche Welle 2014.

Chile, Venezuela and Colombia. Who's next?

In my case, the Knight Fellowship allowed me to continue working hard to enhance Poderopedia and to establish international connections that would enable it to grow from a local project into a global initiative.

Temple University summer program teaches kids digital literacy skills

Aug. 15, 2014, 10:03 a.m., Posted by Youngjin Yoo

Above: Apps & Maps students working on Gotcha App development. Credit: Urban Apps & Maps Studios.

Youngjin Yoo is director of the Center for Design+Innovation at Temple University and leads the Urban Apps & Maps Studios there, which Knight Foundation supports.

Over the last three years, Temple University’s Urban Apps & Maps Studios has been running Apps & Maps BITs Summer Program. This year, 95 girls and 84 boys participated in the program. From July 1 through Aug. 5, these students worked on several hands-on projects to learn three essential digital literacy skills: design thinking, computational thinking and spatial thinking.

Photo: Apps & Maps participants creating visualization of self-image Credit: James Moustafellos

The group worked with more than 30 Temple students who were supervised by 10 Temple faculty members from various academic departments, including information systems, geography and urban studies, electrical engineering, computer and information science, English, arts and entrepreneurship. The program was funded by Knight Foundation, together with the U.S. Economic Development Administration and Philadelphia Youth Network.

Transportation advocates seek new solutions to transform San Jose, Calif.

Aug. 15, 2014, 6 a.m., Posted by Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation recently announced $100,000 in support for TransForm, California’s leading transportation advocate, to expand its GreenTRIP program within San Jose. GreenTRIP offers a certification program for new, more affordable residential and mixed-use developments that are built with less parking and more incentives for residents to walk, bike and use public transportation. San Jose is one of 26 Knight communities, cities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight once owned newspapers.