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Prototype Fund winner Max Ogden building data-sharing ecosystem

March 26, 2015, 8 a.m., Posted by Vignesh Ramachandran

Photo of Max Ogden. Courtesy of the Aspen Institute.

Imagine two government agencies that have the same data set on potholes. Right now, those agencies could have different versions of the data and might update them separately, with no way to easily compare or analyze the two sets of information. 

Knight Prototype Fund winner Max Ogden wants to lower that barrier to sharing data and is well on his way to building a new infrastructure – meaning that someday there could be better data that might help government more efficiently address potholes, plow streets or serve residents in other ways.

Ogden received $50,000 from Knight Foundation in 2013 to build Dat, a tool that will allow multiple people to collaborate on the same data set.

“It’s basically the result of the lack of any of these kind of collaboration tools. That was a big problem that I identified in a lot of civic, public data systems.”

New American composers meet Miami’s Electro Funk: A genre bending debut for Nu Deco Ensemble

March 25, 2015, 11:26 a.m., Posted by Jacomo Bairos


What will live symphonic music look like in the future?

What are the trends in the music world that will eventually find their way onto the classical stage?

Can a classically-trained group influence the popular music world?

These were questions my friend Sam Hyken and I asked ourselves routinely when we first got to know each other 11 years ago.

When Sam and I met at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, we knew right away we were personal and musical kindred spirits. Our friendship blossomed around the excitement of performing with an internationally-acclaimed orchestra while creating and sharing musical experiences around the world. Whether we knew it or not, Sam and I began a life journey that comes full circle on April 4 when the orchestra we created, Nu Deco Ensemble, a Knight Arts Challenge winner, has its debut performance.

To strengthen local news & information, community engagement is at the core

March 25, 2015, 10:17 a.m., Posted by Steve Outing

New Brunswick Today team member Kaila Boulware works an outdoor event in February 2015, part of a crowdfunding campaign to support the local watchdog-journalism website and newspaper, which is being supported by the Dodge Foundation. (Photo courtesy of New Brunswick Today)  

This post is one in a series on what four community and place-based foundations are learning by funding media projects that help to meet their local information needs. All are funded through the Knight Community Information Challenge.

For a New Jersey-based foundation immersed in a major effort to enhance a weak regional news and information system, "community engagement" is more than a buzz phrase. Project managers are promoting the idea that for local news and information providers, it is: