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    ‘Knight Cities’ podcast: Innovator Bryan Boyer on the future of work

    Sept. 3, 2014, 11:30 a.m., Posted by Carol Coletta

    The work we do, where we do it, who we do it for, how much of our time we spend on it, and why we work are all in flux. To understand where all of this is going, this week “Knight Cities” talks with Bryan Boyer, principal at Dash Marshall; a partner at Makeshift Society; and a member of the board of directors at Public Policy Lab


    Bryan is both thinking and acting on the growth of the independent economy and what it means to America. His three-part meditation on the questions this new economy is raising appeared on Medium earlier this year while he was guiding Knight Foundation’s thinking on how to harness more talent in Knight cities. And he calls the startup of Makeshift Society in Brooklyn his exploration of what the 21st century chamber of commerce for the design community might look like.

    With more and more Americans needing or wanting to craft work for themselves without benefit of a traditional employer, my conversation with Bryan sheds light on what it could mean to cities and to you.

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    Macon Pops exhilarates its 2014 course with "Dancing Through the Decades, Part 2"

    Sept. 3, 2014, 11:17 a.m., Posted by ylatimore

    Macon Pops event. Macon Pops was not designed to be an ordinary performance group. In 2013, Matt Catingub, a Grammy Award-winning arranger, and Steve Moretti, a Grammy-nominated musician, played together, and this encounter gave birth to the Macon Pops. Although, this body of musicians and vocalists...

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    The Barnes Foundation - Keys to the Collection

    Sept. 3, 2014, 10:18 a.m., Posted by Lynn Berkowitz

    Lynn Berkowitz is the program manager for family and community programs at The Barnes Foundation, a Knight Arts grantee in Philadelphia. Image credits are all to The Barnes Foundation. This article is cross-posted from The Barnes Foundation.

    What lies just beneath the surface of a painting? How do art elements shape composition? Why do artists do what they do? These guiding questions make for fun hands-on learning as youth aged 7 to 14 virtually roam the rooms and leap into paintings at the Barnes Foundation with the new Keys to the Collection app.

    The Barnes Foundation presents: Keys to the Collection from The Barnes Foundation.


    Kids experiment with artful traditions, explore new ideas, and curate their own display as they play through a series of minigames that help them connect to the collection with thrilling new technology. With 3D immersive graphics and touchscreen capability, three game levels turn playable characters into art inspectors with dazzling encounters that take them trekking through paintings and completing an assortment of art missions. Art inspectors collect keys to enter different realms, solve an array of mysteries by restoring works of art, and add pieces to their expanding portfolio. Players earn badges and points to chart their quest for the gold key, which allows them to unlock a special room, create their own art gallery, and win the game.

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