Logos and Branding

Grantees and the media frequently need to use Knight's logo on a layout or web site, or need a photo of the founders or an officer for publication. For assistance please contact Robertson Adams via

While the official name of the organization remains “John S. and James L. Knight Foundation,” all internal and external communications refer to the foundation simply as the “Knight Foundation.” The logo consists of an insignia (KF) and wordmark (Knight Foundation).

Branding Stylebook

Download our design stylebook (PDF) first for a complete understanding of the rules for Knight's brand. Then help yourself to the convenient graphics files below.

Primary Knight Foundation Logo

Knight Foundation Logo


Single-color Logo




White transparent

Knight Logo with Tagline


Be sure to provide adequate clear space around the logo to maintain its legibility and integrity. The amount of clear space is proportional to the size of the logo. The minimum amount of clear space around all sides of the logo is equal to the height of the mark.

Spacing of the Logo

Minimum logo size for web: 190px width; for print: 1.25” width.


A Knight style PowerPoint template is available in 16x9 format and standard 4x3 format. 

KF ppt template 16-9 format.potx

KF ppt template 4-3 format.potx


knight directional sign 24x36.pdf

knight welcome sign 24x36.pdf

For Video

Knight Logo with tagline and URL/Twitter 1920px x 1080 px PNG format

May I use just the "KF" by itself?

Please don't.

Knight Arts Challenge

The logo for the Knight Arts Challenge is not meant for use by winners or grantees. Please choose from the above Knight Foundation logos instead.

Need More?

Please contact Webmaster Robertson Adams if you need logos such as Knight Arts Challenge, Knight Community Information Challenge, or other Knight logos. Again, the Design Stylebook (PDF) has answers to most issues that come up.