Knight Communications

News Release Workshop

You do good work. You want people to know about it. But how do you spread the word?

This Web site will show you, with a guide to writing a news release.

We urge you to follow the links in order. They are built to walk you through thinking about, writing and polishing a clear, useful news release.

  1. Tips for success: Four simple tips to make your news releases better.

  2. Model news release #1: An annotated sample of a release you can use as a guide.

  3. Model news release #2: Another annotated sample.

  4. News release worksheet: An exercise to help you think through the details of your release.

  5. Polishing tools: After you've completed a draft of your release, this tip sheet will help you refine it.

  6. Flesch and the Common Man: An essay on how readable language can improve organizations.

  7. Things to avoid: What not to do with your news release.

Start now.