Ball State University

Ball State University

Date Awarded
Grant Period
09/20/05 to 07/31/08
Focus Areas
Journalism, Media Innovation

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  • Muncie

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To raise First Amendment appreciation, promote media literacy and encourage student media in high schools

On Jan. 31, 2005, Knight released “The Future of the First Amendment,” a two-year, $1 million research project by the University of Connecticut.  The national study, the largest of its kind, surveyed 112,000 students, nearly 8,000 teachers and more than 500 principals.  It found that only half the nation’s high school students agree that the nation’s press should be able to publish without government interference. The survey reinforced support for Knight’s High School Journalism Initiative, which works with major journalism groups to help revitalize high school journalism and help students better understand the role of the First Amendment. With this grant, Ball State will train, coordinate and campaign to improve First Amendment education, use of news in classrooms and student media. It will hold workshops reaching 1,000 educators. It will coordinate meetings of scholastic media leaders and educators to find ways they can work together to change education policy. See

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Project Team

Warren E. Watson