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Aspen Institute

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12/01/06 to 12/01/08
Focus Areas
Journalism, Media Innovation

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  • Washington, DC

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To help national media policy makers understand community media issues by holding roundtables and a conference


The Aspen Institute convenes leaders to discuss their foremost challenges. In America today, local media face challenges as large as anyone's. Their audiences are fragmenting, shifting from boundary-spanning traditional media to media that is online, targeted or free. National policy, which sets the rules under which local media can thrive or wither, also is in a period of transition, with media consolidation, "localism," and "net neutrality," among the important issues. Aspen Institute will hold two roundtable sessions and conduct a “conference track’’ on policy change that would align national policy with community needs and concerns. A report will be widely distributed and posted on
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Project Team

Charlie M. Firestone

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