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12/07/09 to 10/31/12
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  • Boulder , CO

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To expand and enhance the Boulder County Civic Forum to serve as a catalyst for greater community engagement in Boulder County

The Boulder County Civic Forum was founded in 1998 as an external information arm of The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County to collect data needed for healthy decision making. Since then, the Civic Forum has published Boulder County Trends, an every other year look at quality of life as measured by 50 community indicators.

In 2006, the foundation brought the forum in-house and named a part-time director. Community leaders regularly use the forum’s findings to make decisions about organizational priorities, plans and actions. Its research has become a trusted and reliable source for key indicators in the community.

This grant will enable the work to be carried forward and include an online, interactive database to allow deeper analysis and understanding of the forum's information. Knight dollars will also support collecting primary research in areas where data are not currently available, and the continued publication of Boulder County Trends, with an update in English and Spanish. The position of director will become full time.

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Josephine W. Heath

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