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07/01/12 to 06/30/13
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To create the Charlotte Arts Journalism Alliance, a collection of trained arts journalists who will publish under the CAA banner on TV, radio, print, online and a newly developed app

Charlotte’s arts journalism takes a leap forward this month as the Charlotte Arts Journalism Alliance launches. Funded by a $100,000 Community Arts Journalism Challenge grant awarded by Knight Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Charlotte Arts Journalism Alliance is a partnership between the Charlotte Observer, public radio station WFAE, television station WCNCUNC and

Its goal is to collaborate in reporting, coverage and journalist outreach in order to “elevate both the volume and the quality of local arts coverage.” The five media outlets will each enlist freelance journalists to cover the arts then share the content freely with member organizations. UNC Charlotte will develop seminars and courses to help equip journalists who are new to covering the arts.

Alliance Spokesman Rick Thames, the editor of the Charlotte Observer, writes of the new partnership: “By collaborating, we also expect to reach wider audiences, which will only benefit both our community and the arts organizations that aspire to enrich it.”

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