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02/01/12 to 01/31/13
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Journalism, Media Innovation

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  • Miami, FL

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To support TurboVote, an online platform for registering, finding election information, and voting by mail.

This grant will fund the development and expansion of TurboVote, a one-stop platform that helps users register to vote, provides local election information, and guides users through the process of voting by mail. The system will provide personalized information including election office contacts, voting details, and candidate information.

By enabling the scale and deployment of TurboVote, this grant will create a lasting service aimed at making voting easier. In the 2012 election this service will simplify the voting process for at least 500,000 users, most of whom will be college students—a group frequently disadvantaged by the complexity and rigidity of voting procedures. In the process, TurboVote will create a number of local election information datasets, which other groups will use for other projects and tools. 

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Project Team

Seth Flaxman

Executive Director

Executive Director Seth Flaxman is a former researcher at the Berkman Center and at the Institute for International Education.

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