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Business for the Arts of Broward

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10/01/12 to 09/30/15
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Knight Arts Challenge

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  • Fort Lauderdale, FL

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To connect local cultural projects to donors by bringing to Broward County power2give.org, which allows cultural organizations to crowd-source funding for specific projects.

To connect local cultural projects to more donors, Business for the Arts of Broward will bring power2give.org to its community. The online crowdsourcing platform is designed to connect donors directly with projects they are passionate about, whether it is, for example, a new theatrical production in need of costumes or a musician needing a new instrument. Since the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte, N.C., launched the platform approximately a year ago with Knight support, three other arts agencies across the country have used the platform to raise more than $1 million for arts projects.

Business for the Arts of Broward is a nonprofit organization engaging business and business leaders to advocate and educate about the importance of the county’s art and cultural community as well as to recognize the connection between cultural vitality, creative success and economic development.

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Lois Marino

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