Demystifying Indian Classical Dance

Ranjana Warier

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10/01/12 to 11/30/13
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Knight Arts Challenge

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  • Miami, FL

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To promote cross-cultural understanding by showcasing Indian Classical dances through adaptations of western fairy tales.

To promote cross-cultural understanding, Ranjana Warier will showcase traditional Indian dance through the stories of Western fairy tales. Leading professional Indian classical dancers will collaborate on the performance, while a lecture series will seek to demystify the complexity of traditional Indian storylines. The resulting stage shows will maintain the integrity of the ancient art form while breaking it down to make it more enjoyable for all ages.

Ranjana Warier was introduced to Indian classical dance at the age of 6. She has been an active performer/choreographer at events and festivals in United States and abroad. Recognized for her efforts to educate children on culture and history of India through dance, she thrives on preserving and promoting India’s artistic traditions. She has won grants from local government organizations and is the artistic director of Rhythms School of Dance in South Florida. Warier, a cyber security engineer for Miami-Dade County, has an engineering degree and a master’s degree in computer science

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Ranjana Warier

Ranjana Warier was introduced to Indian Classical dances at the age of six. She got her training in Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyaattam from Kalamandalam Devaki and Kalamandalam Indira.

Ranjana has won numerous awards in Kerala Youth festivals and had the opportunity to perform under the guidance of her gurus at several festivals in India. She has been an active performer/choreographer at several charity events in United States. Her efforts to educate children on culture and history using dance as a medium has received wide recognition.

She is a multiple grant recipient from local Government organizations and has done several lecture/demonstrations promoting Indian art forms. She was invited to work with Town of Davie recently to offer an educational program for children using performing arts as a medium. Her educational productions such as, "Dances of India", "Festivals of India" and "Once Upon a Time" were huge successes.

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