A Hub for Creative Writing in South Florida (The Betsy Hotel)

The Betsy Hotel

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10/01/12 to 11/30/14
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Knight Arts Challenge

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  • Miami, FL

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To brand South Florida as a muse for authors by expanding a new writer-in-residence program on Miami Beach to include community outreach events.

To brand South Florida as a muse for authors, The Betsy Hotel will expand its new writer-in-residence program on Miami Beach. The program offers a private space for writers offering them the solitude and support necessary to complete their work. The award-winning writers will also participate in public readings and a workshop and art salon series. A biannual publication will contain commentary and works from the writers.

The mission of the Writer’s Room at The Betsy Hotel is to create a very special place on South Beach for writers and other creative artists where they can find the tranquility and inspiration needed to do their best work. The room is made available to visiting artists working in a wide variety of domains and disciplines – with a focus on poets during final-stage efforts. Betsy is a historic property committed to exploring the capacity of the arts to bridge past, present and future.

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Project Team

Deborah Plutzik-Briggs

Deborah Plutzik Briggs is Vice President for Marketing, Philanthropy, and Programs at The Betsy-South Beach. She comes to the hospitality sector after a career in social sector causes with a focus on business development, marketing, public relations and corporate branding. Deborah holds a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University, a Master of Science from the University of Illinois, a Bachelors Degree from the University of Rochester, and a certificate in Public Policy from the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington, DC. Deborah has explored an entrepreneurial cause-driven business model throughout her career, when working either (or both) in the profit and non-profit sector. As part of the founding team for the revitalization of The Betsy Hotel in 2009, and working with her brother Jonathan Plutzik, she has developed a cause-driven business model for the hotel that has garnered international attention for its incorporation of the arts as shared lynchpin for corporate differentiation and community-conscious programs. The Writer’s Room is a labor of love, created to honor their father, HYAM PLUTZIK, a Pulitzer-nominated poet, and to nurture a new generation of writers, and writing about Florida.

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