Mohamed Nanabhay

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06/18/12 to 06/18/14
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Journalism & Media Innovation
Knight Enterprise Fund, Knight News Challenge

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  • Doha, Qatar

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To help newsrooms optimize editorial decision making by providing a dashboard that tracks stories through social networks and across competitor sites.

With newsrooms stretched for resources, editors have to increasingly make difficult decisions about which stories get covered and promoted. aims to help, by tracking social engagement with the news - scanning social network activity to provide real-time information on what’s resonating with readers. Editors are able to track their own - and competitors’ - stories. will sort not just headlines but news topics – to spot trends and spikes in interest. Mohamed Nanabhay, former Head of Online at Al Jazeera English, saw the potential for providing richer editorial analytics to newsrooms while leading his organizations’ award-winning coverage of the Arab Spring. He with Haroon Meer to extract the signal from the noise and close the loop between what audiences are interested in and what editors focus resources on.

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Mohamed Nanabhay


Mohamed Nanabhay was the head of online at Al Jazeera English where he led the team that produced the award winning coverage of the Arab revolutions in 2011. During his tenure, the website saw a colossal increase in traffic and was recognized by the Online News Association for general excellence in online journalism. Previously he founded Al Jazeera’s new media group, which focused on engaging audiences through social media and emerging technologies. Nanabhay studied computer science and history at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and has a master’s degree in international relations (with distinction) from the University of Cambridge.

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