Watchup, Inc.

Date Awarded
Grant Period
06/18/12 to 06/18/13
Focus Area
Journalism & Media Innovation
Knight Enterprise Fund, Knight News Challenge

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  • Palo Alto, CA

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To make it easier to find and watch high quality video news through a new iPad app

Summary: Watchup is an iPad application that will help people find high-quality news videos. While identifying relevant content is often time-consuming, Watchup speeds the process with a curated playlist that aggregates news reports from a variety of networks into a simple interface. The service plans to sustain itself by selling video advertising on the site. Media organizations, which will have a branded presence on Watchup, will ultimately receive a share of the revenues.

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Project Team

Adriano Farano

CEO and co-founder

Adriano Farano is the CEO and cofounder of Watchup. A passionate entrepreneur with a 12-year background in the news business, Farano fell in love with tablets during his 2010-11 Knight Fellowship at Stanford where he researched new ways to augment the news experience on mobile devices.

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