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10/01/12 to 09/30/14
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Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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  • Detroit, MI

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Providing a set of tools that communities can use to collect data on paper or via a smartphone app, then export or visualize the data via an easy-to-use dashboard. The city of Detroit has used the tools, created by Code for America fellows, to track urban blight.

LocalData is a combination of several things. It provides for the collection, organization, and visualization of information in one continuous system. It’s designed to be used beginning at the street level: City workers or community members can either use an app to register information directly or scan paper documentation into the system. From there the information can be exported into different formats for display or analysis.

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Project Team

Alicia Rouault

Alicia Rouault is an urban planner and interactive product manager. Before becoming a Code for America fellow, Rouault worked in economic development and urban planning on the development of a national urban manufacturing tool kit for cities. On the East Coast, Rouault worked as assistant editor of Urban Omnibus, in community development with the city of Newark’s Division of Planning and Economic Development, and with nonprofits Pratt Center for Community Development and Citizens Committee for New York City. Rouault has studied at University of Toronto, Pratt Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Matt Hampel is a Web developer and student of the changing landscape of civic information gathering. Hampel has worked with nonprofits, newspapers, universities and other organizations to build tools for the public good. Before joining Code for America, he worked as a technology project manager at the University of Michigan.

Prashant Singh is a Code for America Fellow on the Detroit team, where he creates technology for citizens and communities. Before that, he worked for Microsoft on television products for the Xbox, phones and set-top boxes. Singh likes to make, tinker and dirty his hands with software, bicycles, furniture and whatever else will fit in his apartment. Before working on consumer technology, Singh was a signal processing researcher. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Rice University.

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