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03/21/13 to 03/20/14
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Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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  • Kampala

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For content distribution and publishing via SIM cards for sharing information in technologically-limited or high-risk situations

The majority of mobile phone users around the world use simple feature phones which, unlike smartphones, do not have advanced storage or secondary communication options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Abayima wants to build an open source application that people can use to store information to SIM cards  – effectively turning the cards into storage devices and their mobile phones into e-readers. This app is particularly useful for sharing news and information in countries where communication networks are unsafe to use due to surveillance or where authorities or other circumstances have shut off access to the Internet altogether.  The team has successfully piloted a program with Ugandan activists during the country's 2011 elections, while all SMS traffic in the country was monitored for voices of dissent. With challenge funding, Abayima plans to build the kit as an open source, full service, easy-to-use platform which enables publishing to SIM cards.

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Jon Gosier

Founder metaLayer, Founder Appfrica

Jon Gosier is the Founder of Appfrica. He currently serves as the Director of Advocacy, helping to raise awareness about the many issues related to financing early stage African entrepreneurs. He started Appfrica in 2008 while living in Kampala, Uganda, where the need for vehicles that supported local talent and became apparent. Jon is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and software developer and brings his passion for entrepreneurship, leadership, and business to all of his work in Africa. 

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