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Hollaback Inc.

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03/03/13 to 08/03/13
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Media Innovation
Knight Prototype Fund

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  • Brooklyn, NY

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To develop a pilot of a mobile application designed to allow individuals to report street harassment.

Piloting a mobile app that allows people to report street harassment directly to their cities. It is being developed in partnership with the New York City Council.

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Project Team

Emily May

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Emily brings a fresh perspective to social action in the digital age. She argues that the internet has provided new opportunities to tackle discrimination, by transforming discrimination from a lonely experience into a piece of a larger, public movement. Her project Hollaback! gives women, girls, and LGBTQ individuals an empowered, real-time response to street harassment that will build public awareness on why street harassment matters, and how it hurts. Emily, who hold a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics in Social Policy, argues that a crowd-sourced movement is the key to changing policy and minds, and ultimately, creating a world where everyone has the right to feel safe and confident.

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