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Alison Macrina

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01/30/15 to 02/06/17
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Media Innovation
Knight Library Initiative, Knight News Challenge

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  • Boston, MA

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Providing librarians and their patrons with tools and information to better understand their digital rights by scaling a series of privacy workshops for librarians.

Private companies and the government increasingly control a large part of online communications, and as a result, society is facing a new set of challenges around privacy, surveillance, censorship and free speech. As stewards of information and providers of Internet access, librarians are in a prime position to educate patrons about their digital rights. The Library Freedom Project aims to make real the promise of intellectual freedom in libraries by bringing together a coalition of librarians, technology experts and lawyers to scale a series of privacy workshops for librarians. The workshops will provide librarians and their patrons with tools and information to better understand technology, privacy and law related to use of the Internet.

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Alison Macrina

Alison Macrina is a librarian and privacy rights activist based in Boston. She started the Library Freedom Project on the premise that intellectual freedom depends deeply on our right to privacy, and that librarians have a unique and vital role in the fight to reclaim digital privacy. To that end, Alison has brought together attorneys, technologists, journalists, activists, and librarians to preserve and uphold the digital commons and raise public expectations of privacy. She loves to write, teach, and travel to talk about privacy and surveillance, and when she visits your city she'd love to meet your dog.

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