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Date Awarded
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01/30/15 to 02/06/17
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Media Innovation
Knight Library Initiative, Knight News Challenge

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  • New York, NY

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To promote responsive digital solutions for low-bandwidth communities by scaling a digital library platform that makes robust educational content available for libraries and schools in the developing world.

Many developing countries continue to struggle with limited access to information and educational resources, leading to challenges with literacy, civic participation, knowledge building and progress. To address this issue, Library for All will expand its Digital Library, uniquely designed to work in low-bandwidth environments, making educational content available for libraries and schools across the developing world. The platform will leverage mobile technology and be accessible on all devices, including low-cost tablets and $30 feature phones. Content will be culturally relevant and available in local languages.

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Project Team

Rebecca MacDonald, Tanyella Evans and Isabel Sheinman

Rebecca McDonald, co-founder and CEO of Library For All. Rebecca previously worked as a Program Manager in the Australian construction industry, where she was responsible for the delivery of a 1 billion dollar low income housing program. Rebecca also served for over eight years as an Ambassador for Opportunity International, a leader in the microfinance industry.

Isabel Sheinman serves as the Director of Business Development at Library For All. She joined the Library For All team days after graduating from Georgetown University where she received a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology with a minor in Modern Greek.

Tanyella Evans is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Library For All.

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