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Urban Affairs Coalition / Youth Outreach Adolescent Community Awareness Program

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07/22/15 to 11/22/16
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Media Innovation
Knight News Challenge

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  • Philadelphia, PA

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Engaging black men in elections by recruiting barbers in predominantly African-American communities to disseminate nonpartisan information and resources on voting.

While barbershops have long been trusted spaces in the African-American community, this project seeks to build on that stature by recruiting barbers as voting advocates. The Youth Outreach Adolescent Community Awareness Program and its partners will recruit Philadelphia barbers, educate them on rights restoration and other voting issues, and ask them to help disseminate voting information. The program will provide barbers with incentives for getting their male customers to take surveys, read nonpartisan election information and continually discuss the importance of civic participation. The barbers who enroll will have their names listed on a radio partner’s website, with a special radio promotion going to the shop that disseminates the most information.

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Project Team

Duerward Beale

Duerward "Woody" Beale has 22 years of professional work experience in the field of human services, with a special focus in youth development. As a result of his strong work ethic, the majority of Mr. Beale’s work experience has been in supervisory and management positions. Currently, he is employed as the executive director of Youth Outreach Adolescent Community Awareness Program, Inc (YOACAP) of Philadelphia, PA.

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