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Jane's Walk

To expand the Jane's Walk program into Knight resident communities and develop a model and set of resources for expansion into other cities across the U.S.

Creative Interventions Tour

To support various creative placemaking activities, facilitated by Hunter Franks, that will inspire robust engagement and change perceptions of place in Knight communities.


To teach citizens to create local news and information digitally in the community-supported Akronist.

Civic Commons

To expand on and provide deliberative online engagement tools and services to elected officials, civic leaders and media entities to inform and engage stakeholders and citizens on key community issues and deepen reader engagement with media content

University Park Alliance

To help University Park Alliance strengthen its core engagement and partnership work and to launch efforts that provide sustainable long-term income

University Park

For a program-related investment providing direct financial support for University Square and advancing the development of Akron's Exchange neighborhood

University Park Alliance

To provide bridge funding to University Park Alliance for interim operations support while working toward a larger grant supporting revitalization efforts through urban re-investment and community engagement

Neighborhood Voice

To connect residents to the services and institutions available in the Greater University Circle neighborhood, the Cleveland Foundation will create a mobile app for the Neighborhood Voice, its local news publication and website. 


To produce an investigative report on gas- and oil-well drilling, The Raymond John Wean Foundation will help enable a new operating partnership between the and a local National Public Radio affiliate. 


To build a web platform for local community engagement in Akron that uses trained community organizers and creates a local online sharing network for neighbors and civic leaders to connect

1—12 of 77 results