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Citymart USA Demonstration Project

To demonstrate an innovative approach to city government procurement that could generate substantial cost-savings for cities, create greater transparency and accountability in the procurement process, match the needs in the community with the best available solutions, and create a clearer model for citizen engagement and open up cities to local social and urban entrepreneurship.

Welcoming America

To support Welcoming Cities, a program that helps cities to adopt policies and best practices to attract, retain and harness New Americans and immigrant talent.

New Americans Campaign

To support the New Americans Campaign to enable more immigrants to become naturalized citizens in Detroit, Charlotte, Miami and San Jose - accelerating civic engagement and talent retention.

Jane's Walk

To expand the Jane's Walk program into Knight resident communities and develop a model and set of resources for expansion into other cities across the U.S.

Creative Interventions Tour

To support various creative placemaking activities, facilitated by Hunter Franks, that will inspire robust engagement and change perceptions of place in Knight communities.

Project LIFT

For a community-building project with Project LIFT students, families and neighbors and volunteers from the greater Charlotte community

Flash Philanthropy

To help Communities in Schools keep more students in school, part of a flash philanthropy experiment at the Queens University commencement.

Flash Philanthropy

To open a Loaves & Fishes food pantry and feed 700 more families, part of a flash philanthropy experiment during the Queens University commencement.

Flash Philanthropy

To provide job-skills training for 40 youth in a special Goodwill program, part of a flash philanthropy experiment during the Queens University commencement


To bolster community engagement around SEED20, an initiative to discover, spotlight, support, and fund the region's social entrepreneurs and their high-impact, innovative ideas for building social value

1—12 of 71 results