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Better Block Foundation

To attract and retain talent, expand opportunity and build civic engagement by funding the creation and operation of the Better Block Foundation, a nonprofit focused on engaging people in rapidly making their neighborhoods more vibrant.

Branding San Jose

To support talent attraction and retention in San Jose through the development of a branding and marketing campaign aimed to lure talent, jobs and opportunity to the city

California Walks

Encouraging deeper resident attachment to San Jose by launching San Jose Walks, a program that encourages urban exploration and celebrates neighborhoods through walking

Downtown San Jose Food Hub

To support engagement through the growth of Taylor Street Farm into a food and community hub that will support events, workshops and market days and empower local food producers and suppliers

Exhibition District

Creating a more vibrant and connected San Jose by expanding the Exhibition District, a public art project

GreenTRIP tools and traffic reduction strategies

To attract and retain talent and expand economic opportunity in San Jose by supporting more affordable and transportation-friendly housing via the expansion of GreenTRIP tools and traffic reduction strategies.

Local Label: Screenprint Showdown

To support talent attraction and retention through a citywide competition aimed to create and promote new brand opportunities for San Jose as developed by teams of local artisans and makers.

National Arts Strategies

Supporting a group of San Jose Creative Community Fellows through a nine-month fellowship program focused on creative placemaking.

Parks Activation and Prototyping Fund

To support talent attraction and retention and civic engagement in San Jose by creating a Parks Activation and Prototyping Fund within the Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services to experiment with new park uses and designs in support of long-term public space improvements.

Silicon Valley DeBug/NEEBA

Creating a 'We are San Jose' video series to share the dynamic and diverse neighborhoods and communities of San Jose.

1—12 of 28 results