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Urban transformation of San Jose

To support SPUR San Jose in multi-year programming that engages citizens in the civic conversation around the future of San Jose and to establish SPUR San Jose as a permanent fixture in the civic ecosystem in San Jose.

New Americans Campaign

To support the New Americans Campaign to enable more immigrants to become naturalized citizens in Detroit, Charlotte, Miami and San Jose - accelerating civic engagement and talent retention.

Open streets planning and pilot

To support the Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services in the City of San Jose as they seek to advance both talent and opportunity with the introduction of a monthly open streets event.

Silicon Valley Talent Partnership

To establish the Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, a new public-private collaboration that partners Silicon Valley's best talent with local government to spur innovation and address local challenges.

Open streets

To increase San Jose's core city vibrancy by supporting the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition's partnership with the City of San Jose, leveraging its relationships with corporations and strong volunteer base to support the open streets event.

Jane's Walk

To expand the Jane's Walk program into Knight resident communities and develop a model and set of resources for expansion into other cities across the U.S.

Creative Interventions Tour

To support various creative placemaking activities, facilitated by Hunter Franks, that will inspire robust engagement and change perceptions of place in Knight communities.

SPUR Urban Center

To create the SPUR Urban Center where residents and workers in San Jose will learn about best ideas and practices in urban planning and be inspired to take an active role in promoting them in their community.

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest

To support community engagement activities at the 2013 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest and the creation of the San Jose Jazz Music Mobile.

Naturalization Options

A planning grant for La Raza to work with financial institutions to develop low-cost loan options for naturalization application fees.

1—12 of 67 results