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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
ATL Maps Georgia State University $35,000 23.06.2016
Amplify libraries and communities through Wikipedia Online Computer Library Center $250,000 23.06.2016
Can I Fair Use It? Crowdsourcing Fair Use Knowledge President and Fellows of Harvard College $35,000 23.06.2016
Crisis Text Line Phase Three Growth Crisis Text Line $2,216,000 23.06.2016
Digging DEEP: A Digital Extension Education Portal for Community Growth Pennsylvania State University State College $35,000 23.06.2016
Free Library of Philadelphia Cultureshare The Free Library of Philadelphia Philadelphia $35,000 23.06.2016
Future-proofing Civic Data Temple University School of Media and Communication Philadelphia $35,000 23.06.2016
Indigenous Digital Archive The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture $35,000 23.06.2016
Literacy, Art, Technology and Community Storyscape $35,000 23.06.2016
Our Story: Content, Collections, and Impact in Rural America Historypin $222,245 23.06.2016
Storytellers Without Borders Dallas Public Library $150,000 23.06.2016
TeleStory: Library-Based Video Visitation for Children of Incarcerated Parents Brooklyn Public Library $393,249 23.06.2016
The People’s Media Collection PhillyCAM $35,000 23.06.2016
Unlocking Film Libraries Through Discovery and Search Dartmouth College $35,000 23.06.2016
Visualizing Philanthropic Funding for Libraries Foundation Center $300,000 23.06.2016
Empowering the Public to Understand the Societal Implications of Data-Driven Technologies Data & Society Research Institute $250,000 15.04.2016
Wesleyan Media Project Wesleyan University $45,000 18.02.2016
Chitram Kavya Sukumar $35,000 09.02.2016
Open Privacy Project University of Miami $35,000 01.02.2016
RevEx: A Data Visualization Tool To Find Stories in Millions of Internet Reviews New York University $35,000 01.02.2016
Spectrogram Tool for Public Input Catherine Bracy $35,000 01.02.2016
Excellence In, Excellence Out - Data Quality Uplift for Government The Miami Foundation $35,000 26.01.2016
Legislation Tracker: Beyond the bills Community Foundation of New Jersey $35,000 26.01.2016
Weighing the Wisdom of the Crowd Orbmedia Inc. $450,000 25.01.2016

1—24 of 116 results