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Openblock Rural

To increase access to local information and strengthen rural newspapers technical expertise by using the OpenBlock system to aggregate and publish local, municipal data.


To help journalists find stories in large amounts of data through a new tool that finds patterns in and visualizes document sets.


To increase transparency by creating a platform that helps verify information emerging from mobile phones and the social web.

The Public Laboratory

To make technology work for communities by creating a tool kit and online community for citizen-based, grassroots data gathering and research.

The State Decoded

To create a digital platform that will display local laws and court decisions in a way that provides clarity and context.

Tiziano 360

To help communities better tell their stories by building an accessible, multimedia storytelling platform.


To help tell rich multimedia stories by improving a toolkit that allows people to collaboratively produce, curate and publish multimedia projects.


To bridge the gap between traditional and citizen media with a web-based tool that aggregates user-generated content during big news events.


To create a popular open source online collaborative video-editing platform


To create a mobile community-engagement application


To build a web service and open source tools to display public data in easy-to-understand, highly visual ways

49—60 of 113 results