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Providing a set of tools that communities can use to collect data on paper or via a smartphone app, then export or visualize the data via an easy-to-use dashboard. The city of Detroit has used the tools, created by Code for America fellows, to track urban blight.

New Tools for OpenStreetMap

Launching tools that make it easier for communities to contribute to OpenStreetMap, the community-mapping project used by millions via foursquare and Wikimedia and becoming a leading source for open, street-level data. DevelopmentSeed will create the tools.

The Tor Project

To develop an open security toolkit for journalists, allowing them to avoid digital surveillance by governments and other groups


To help people and communities make better use of data collected by mobile phones

To empower people to share breaking news by creating a searchable map of events streamed around the world.

To develop a collaborative organizing dashboard for governments, outside organizations and the public to use in disaster response and other situations.

To help newsrooms optimize editorial decision making by providing a dashboard that tracks stories through social networks and across competitor sites.


To make it easier to find and watch high quality video news through a new iPad app


To help news organizations better use public information by creating PANDA, new software that cleans up and aids in analyzing it.


To create an editorial and crowd-sourced database that allows visualizing the relationships among political, civic and business leaders

Spending Stories

To increase fiscal literacy among journalists and the public by creating simple digital tools that link public spending data to public spending narratives


To make it easier for journalists to collect information from across the Web by adding new features to

49—60 of 129 results