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Third Wave Music

Bringing together musicians at a storefront that sells instruments and accessories, offers repairs, and educates with private and free lessons on playing, do-it-yourself repairs and songwriting

Tiff Massey

Launching a one-month residency for international and national visual artists who use metal as their primary medium

Vito Valdez and Katie Yamasaki

Preserving a symbol of local Chicano pride by restoring and completing a mural, the “Shield of Peace and Non-violence,” in Southwest Detroit

YETI Publishing

Sharing the gospel music of Detroit by reissuing several gospel albums produced in Detroit in the 1960s and ’70s


Examining the impact of technology on 21st-century life with two architectural installations that propose methods for designing buildings, clothes and objects that can evade electronic means of detection

A Sacred Passage Tour

Exploring how the theater has changed the lives of a diverse group of St. Paul artists and how, in turn, these artists have shaped the theater community, through a new production to debut in 2016.

All St. Paul's a Stage

Turning the entire city into a performance space through delivery of improvisational performance telegrams to offices, parks and homes.

Bee Real, Bee Everywhere

Raising awareness about the plight of bees, which are dying in large numbers, with a public art project of small bronze bees and sculptures that serve as bee habitats.

CHAT Freedom Festival

Strengthening a platform for Hmong artists of all disciplines by expanding the center’s Hmong Arts and Music Festival, which draws thousands to its annual showcase. (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent / CHAT)

Champion Swimmer

Exploring how culture shapes the fear of water with a pool-based performance piece that engages the community to talk about the disproportionate numbers of people of color who cannot swim.

Coffee Sleeve Conversations Come to St. Paul

Fostering community conversations on race and the arts in St. Paul through the production and distribution of coffee cup sleeves featuring the words of St. Paul writers of color. (Coffee House Press)

133—144 of 181 results