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Dug-out Canoes on the New River

To preserve the traditional art form of creating dugout canoes by organizing a seasonal Paddle Up, featuring Seminole and Miccosukee canoes


To explore art through the perspectives of French and Miami artists during a series of site-specific and new performances that will make up FLA-FRA (Florida-France) in 2014.

Filmgate 2014

To develop the local film scene by expanding Filmgate, the recently launched interactive film festival, which focuses on cross-platform storytelling, interactive screenings and more

Keep art PUBLIC!

To make provocative artworks accessible to the public by expanding the museum’s outdoor public exhibitions to include concerts, performances and other programming

Miami Sites Project

To explore the past and present of the historic Venetian Pool and the Miami Marine Stadium by creating a site-specific dance performance

Monthly Expressions in Spoken Word

To provide a platform for recognized and emerging spoken word artists during a monthly series that will eventually be presented at Overtown’s historic Lyric Theater when it reopens in 2014

25—36 of 390 results