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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
Welcoming America Welcoming Cities Charlotte and others $1,025,000 01.10.2014
The Idea Center @ MDC Miami Dade College Foundation Inc. Miami $2,189,500 30.09.2014
2015 CfA Fellowship: Miami-Dade County Code for America Labs, Inc. Miami $75,000 23.09.2014
Digital programming Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library Miami $25,000 03.09.2014
Citymart USA Demonstration Project Citymart USA Akron and others $398,440 01.09.2014
Fintech LATAM 2014 CVOX Group LLC Miami $20,000 01.09.2014
'Dorkshop' Girls Write Now, Inc. $20,000 01.08.2014
Mapping the Trajectories of Immigrant Professionals in Six U.S. Cities World Education Services Detroit and others $70,000 01.08.2014
Museum Park The Miami Foundation, Inc. Miami $54,810 01.08.2014
Open streets Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition San Jose $70,000 01.08.2014
Open streets planning and pilot City of San Jose San Jose $130,000 01.08.2014
Silicon Valley Talent Partnership Silicon Valley Talent Partnership San Jose $1,025,000 01.08.2014
The Independent Economy in Philadelphia, Charlotte and Milwaukee Center City District Foundation Philadelphia $137,000 01.08.2014
Design Guidelines for Robust Engagement Center for Active Design $115,000 15.07.2014
Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron BioInnovation Institute in Akron $4,025,000 01.07.2014
Cuba Entrepreneurship Series Cuba Study Group, Inc. $58,500 01.07.2014
Downtown Placemaking Expansion Detroit 300 Conservancy Detroit $75,000 01.07.2014
Global Great Lakes Network Global Detroit Detroit $60,000 01.07.2014
Macon Beall's Hill Revitalization (PRI) Historic Macon Foundation Inc. Macon $1,215,000 01.07.2014
Macon's Beall's Hill Revitalization- A National Model Historic Macon Foundation Inc. Macon $1,785,000 01.07.2014
New Americans Campaign Immigrant Legal Resource Center Charlotte and others $1,012,500 01.07.2014
Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians Philadelphia $412,000 01.07.2014
Miami Makers Initiative MiamMade, Inc. $105,933 29.06.2014
2015 Eastern Market District Plan Eastern Market Corporation Detroit $250,000 15.06.2014

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