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Nate Young

To bring local and international musicians together by presenting 'The Maggotbrain Fest,' a two-day festival featuring electronic music in all its forms

New Music Detroit

To spotlight challenging and dynamic new music from the late 20th century through today during 'Strange Beautiful Music,' a daylong marathon concert

Piper Carter

To explore the role and impact of women on hip-hop through a gathering of leading figures in Detroit's digital media, art, dance and performance communities


To formalize and expand a visiting artist-in-residence program dedicated to producing art in and for Detroit

Popps Packing

To support the expansion of Popps' unique artist residency program, which caters to national and international artists with children, providing a holistic space for artists with families to create


To support a new home for John’s Carpet House, a weekly blues jam session founded by drummer John Estes

The Hinterlands

To explore Detroit's 20th century history of radical art and politics through 'The Radicalization Process,' a yearlong performance series built on interviews, artifacts and historic footage

The Raiz Up

To use hip-hop to spark conversations about the city's cultural heritage and social issues through 'Paint my Roots - Pinta mis Raices,' a series of concerts, workshops and collaborative murals


To create a commissioning program that will fund new works in music and the visual arts and award a prize to an artist for their contribution to Detroit's culture

37—48 of 872 results