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To collect information about online censorship incidents to explore concerns about censorship and preserve freedom of expression.

Poking the Bear

To create a new family of tools that can detect and prove network neutrality violations even when it occurs within mobile network operator networks.

Ranking Digital Rights

To develop a system for benchmarking and ranking the world’s most powerful tech companies on how well they protect the free expression and privacy of users.

Safe Travels Online

To help people avoid cyberattacks, malicious software and digital surveillance, by testing and improving resources that allow users to safely navigate the Internet. The resources were initially designed for high-risk communities in Asia subject to strict controls on freedom of expression and other human rights.


To allow journalists to conduct research with the help of readers by creating a platform to improve data collection, analysis and distribution of crowd research.


To safeguard mobile text communication though a simple, secure messaging application that requires no special knowledge from the user.


To make it easier for open Internet projects to find funding by creating an open Internet-themed virtual currency as a way to build a community of interested supporters.

Who are the Gatekeepers?

To examine the gatekeepers of Eastern Europe’s digital infrastructure, by analyzing the ownership and connections of Internet service providers and cable and satellite operators

Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron

To support the restructure of Austen Bioinnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) so that it may sustain operations and continue to improve Akron's economy and quality of life through investments and job creation.

Online Community Platform

To support a joint project by Mozilla, The New York Times and The Washington Post to build a user-generated content and commenting platform that empowers users and creates a community, a platform that will be open and usable by news organizations anywhere.

On Q Production Arts Support

To engage new Charlotte audiences with culturally diverse theatre offerings by supporting six productions by On Q Performing Arts - Charlotte's premier African-American theatre company.

Tech Cocktail Miami

To support the launch of Tech Cocktail Miami, which aims to showcase and propel Miami's startup community by connecting, informing and inspiring entrepreneurs through events and online news coverage.

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