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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
SnipSnap SnipSnap Philadelphia $None 15.06.2012
Reimagining the Civic Commons in Philadelphia Fairmount Park Conservancy Philadelphia $5,442,500 01.01.2015
Expanding Code for America Code for America Labs, Inc. Macon and others $5,020,000 10.12.2012
The Philadelphia Foundation The Philadelphia Foundation Philadelphia $5,000,000 01.01.2010
BMe Networks The Miami Foundation Detroit, Philadelphia $3,640,000 01.07.2013
Connect2Compete Connect to Compete, Inc. Philadelphia $3,000,000 01.10.2012
Women of Tomorrow: Philadelphia, Detroit, Charlotte, Palm Beach Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program Charlotte and others $2,999,923 13.12.2010
Rutgers University Foundation Rutgers University Foundation Philadelphia $2,000,000 04.12.2006
The Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute Philadelphia $2,000,000 01.07.2007
Goodwill Industries: Sheltered Workshop Initiative Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia Philadelphia $1,400,000 08.12.2008
Ben Franklin Parkway Development The Pew Charitable Trusts Philadelphia $1,250,000 10.03.2008
Everyblock Tides Center Charlotte and others $1,100,000 12.03.2007
John S. and James L. Knight Green Jobs Training Center Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia, Inc. Philadelphia $1,100,000 08.12.2008
Welcoming America Welcoming Cities Charlotte and others $1,025,000 01.10.2014
Digital Public Library of America Open Knowledge Commons Akron and others $1,000,000 01.10.2012 Democracy 2.0 Mobilizing America's Youth Charlotte and others $1,000,000 01.04.2011
PICO National Network PICO National Network Boulder and others $1,000,000 01.07.2008
Dilworth Plaza Redevelopment Center City District Foundation Philadelphia $850,000 01.07.2008
Sustainable Communities Local Initiatives Support Corporation Detroit and others $800,000 01.12.2013
Hotspots: The Free Library of Philadelphia The Free Library of Philadelphia Philadelphia $760,340 01.10.2010
Code for America Code for America Labs, Inc. Macon, Philadelphia $750,000 01.07.2011
Job Opportunity Investment Network United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Philadelphia $750,000 01.06.2008
National Council of YMCAs of America National Council of YMCAs of the USA Charlotte and others $750,000 10.12.2007
The Pew Charitable Trusts The Pew Charitable Trusts Philadelphia $750,000 01.07.2005

1—24 of 257 results